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Ten years ago, Pum Anh started as one of the few publishing companies in Laos. Now, it has become a non-profit 'social enterprise' registered in Laos. Pum Anh or ‘Book Development and Reading Promotion House’ was established in late 2016.

The UNICEF supported MICS Survey (2012) found that less than 5% of households with children under 5 years of age had at least 3 children’s books.

Promoting the value of books and the importance of reading requires strong private publishers. Pum Anh advocates selling books rather than giving them away for free. Proceeds from sales are reinvested into reprints and into new title development.



Pum Anh aims to expand access to quality books and reading materials, print and electronic, in Laos, especially for educationally disadvantaged groups. We hope to build the capacity of local stakeholders, strengthen partnerships between private sector, government, and civil society, and improve systems for marketing and distribution of reading materials.

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